“This is a very simple game. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball."

Our Coach's are motivated on developing our players both on the field and off.  Our organization is dedicated to sharing the love of the game and the growth of the game. Our teams play the game the right way with respect for the game and our opponents.  

Meet Our Shark Baseball Coach's

NameTeam (Age Group)Phone NumberEmail
Rob Chrisman
Chrisman (U-17)614-749-1979rchris1040@aol.com
Jeff MilanovichMilanovich (U-17)614-359-7029jsmillanovich@yahoo.com
Allan RabournRabourn (U-16)614-208-8450rabrn22@gmail.com
Tom JohnsonJohnson (U-15)614-216-9949johns0217@columbus.rr.com
John CooperCooper (U-15)614-805-3068jcooper8816@gmail.com
John PopovichPopovich (U-13)740-602-1174jpop7411@gmail.com
Chris TaylorTaylor (U-12)937-707-7773ctaylorhie@gmail.com
Brett PaynePayne (U-11)740-341-9104brettpayne23@gmail.com
Michael AlbertiniAlbertini/Wright (U-10)614-406-3302columbussharks2029@gmail.com
Ben WrightAlbertini/Wright (U-10)614-572-3927columbussharks2029@gmail.com